a digital guardian of quality time among families

This new relationship app comes with rich functionality and fun, responsive interfaces that are easy to use by children and adults. This new app brings back that nostalgic holiday atmosphere with interactive, digital-based games such as Yellow Car and Left or Right that are designed to be played by children and their parents.
Wetime family app 

01. About app

We Optimize Quality Time With Family 

this app empowers parents and couples to take back family time using modern digital tools.

Family profile

Create your family

First step is to add all the family members to the app and to the family profile.  It is secure  and safe  only members of the family can see the  timeline. 

Family bond

Build the bond

This new app breaks down these mobile entertainment silos and brings families together with interactive games that involve everyone.

Family memories

share with other families

On the community timeline you share family moments with other families. 

Connect with other families

Connect with other families

The app has tools that match families together based on interests and location so that different families can have fun together locally or while on out-of-town vacations.

02. Lucy presents Wetime

Created by a mother — Lucy presents Wetime

Who is Lucy? Lucy is a happily married mother of two kids. She noticed the impact mobile devices had on her family. She decided to act on it and created a safe platform for  families

03. presentation